Monday, November 8, 2010

Take off your bra

How many of you have been told by your mother that you need to wear a bra as much as possible to keep your breasts from sagging?

A study has revealed that a causative factor for breast cancer that can increase your risk of getting the disease by 100 times: Wearing a bra for more than 12 hours a day. Sydney Ross Singer (an applied medical anthropologist) and his wife, Soma Grismaijer (a scientific assistant) interviewed more than 2000 women with breast cancer and 2000 women without breast cancer and concluded the following information:

1. A woman who wears a bra 24 hours a day is 113 times MORE likely to get breast cancer than a woman who wears a bra less than 12 hours a day. (that statistical link is stronger than the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer)

2. A woman who NEVER wears a bra is 21 times less likely to get breast cancer than a woman in general population.

"Needless to say, the medical establishment hasn't embraced this theory because it goes away from the current chemical and genetic model, ignoring the simple mechanical fact of what clothing constriction can do to the body." Singer says.

"Bras and other tight clothing can impede the flow of the lymph fluid out of the breast, thus, wearing a bra might contribute to the development of breast cancer as a result of cutting off lymphatic drainage so that toxic chemicals are trapped in the breast."

Singer also says to "avoid bras with underwires and other stiff, breast shaping components, as well as push up bras. The bra should not leave marks or dents on your skin. If it does, it's too tight."

"Women need to realize that wearing a bra is a cultural phenomenon...not a natural one."

So, my do you keep your breasts from sagging without wearing bra? Implants! Yep, implants can move your breast tissue closer to the surface and make lumps more recognizable with self exams. I'm not saying you have to go bigger....just keep them your size if you are happy with them. Bigger implants are harder for mammograms to pick up lumps, and might be a bit more painful being squished, but normal size is totally fine. (My surgeon actually gave me this piece of information)

In conclusion, implants and not wearing a bra can save your life!!! It's scientifically proven, so tell your husband that you need to save your life and get them.

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  1. Implants can compress the breast lymphatics, especially if a bra is also worn. Implants also require lifetime maintenance.
    How about just being natural. The more we alter the human body from its natural design the more health problems we create.

  2. Possibly, but they look pretty and keep your sagging boobies from looking like tennis balls in the bottom of a tube sock. Natural is fine if you have Nice perky boobs. Most women don't....especially after kids.

  3. What a great reason for implants! I'd just like to have what I had before kids ~ or, I guess I should re-phrase that to: I'd like them to be where they were before kids!!

  4. Sign me up!! Literally UP, lets get these girls where they used to be!!

  5. love it!!! Oh and got my implants after kiddos tore up my girls and you are right I go braless alot more lol, well not to work, but on the weekends I rather layer a tank top than wear a bra, call me vain or whatever but I could not stand my saggy boobs poor girls would slide out from under my bra.

  6. I've been looking for a reason forever to go without a bra. Thanks for the tip!