Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Mondays go like this.... Brayden has a reading class that I drop him off at. It's across town about 45 minutes away, so I head home and Chris picks him up after work.  He does this so that I don't have to kill an hour and a half sitting in my car waiting on him, or trying to keep the other 2 kids from screaming at each other and driving me crazy in a store. (as I'm typing this, they are currently ALL 3 downstairs fighting and screaming at each other...but my motto is..."if I don't hear it, then I can't be judged as a bad mom for not jumping in as referee" so I am oblivious to the screaming...I tune it out)

Anyways, yesterday, Chris picked him up and they went on their weekly dinner date. Brayden is the middle child, so this is their "sure fire man time" that they get once a week. So, Brayden wanted to go to his favorite restaurant..... Burger King... (shaking my head) ....but Chris convinced him to go to nasty CiCi's pizza instead. So, they were in there for MAYBE 20 minutes eating, and when they came out...... his truck was gone!!! Someone stole his truck in broad day-light in a busy strip center parking lot.

So, even though we have insurance, my husband was IN LOVE with that truck, so there isn't a value you can put on that. Our first "I love you" was exchanged in that truck. Many vacations have been taken in that truck. Lots and Lots of memories in that truck. At this point, the truck is most likely a goner, stripped somewhere... and may or may not even be recovered. It's just a matter of when the insurance company calls it a loss and writes us a check for it. Also, they don't cover items like the lift kit, the wheels and tires he added, the $700 he just had to shell out a few weeks ago to fix it, or the tank of gas he had just put in, the sunglasses, his hard hat, boots and laptop from work (which his company will probably just re-issue)...his daytimer, etc.... They cover the carseats that were in it, but we have to go buy new ones first. (Like we really need 3 more carseats.....our 6 we STILL have are plenty, but we had 3 in my truck, 3 in his, and 3 to loan out to whoever helped us out with transportation) But, they won't re-imburse until we buy new ones, so we will be back up to 9 carseats again.

Really.....his truck was 12 years old! Dirty as shit on the inside because he works in a steel pipe shop and comes home 4 shades darker than when he left from all the metal shavings. It looked OK from the outside, but I refused to get inside because it was so dirty and nasty. It had like probably 20 empty water bottles on the floor board because he never cleans it out. It's not valued at that much anyways, except for the lift kit and the wheels. Sooooooo.... when insurance writes us our check, it's not gonna be for very much. We will definitely have a car note. A second car note! We haven't had a second car note since I quit working. That's the one reason I've been able to be a stay-at-home-mom. Because we've only had 1 car note at a time since 2005. I'm soooo dreading that expense. Even a piece of shit is going to be more expensive than what we've been paying, and I would never make him drive a piece of shit.

So, I count my blessings that at LEAST he just got a promotion at work and got a small raise, BUT, my plans of re-stocking our savings account are now out of the question. I swear, we can't seem to ever catch a break or get ahead. Every time we have a little extra money, we get something thrown our way. I praise God that at least he is providing for us, but his raise is not NEAR enough for a second car note. So, I'm scared.

Can we catch a break? Why do we keep drawing the short straw? This really sucks. He's really pissed. I'm just hurt.